Exhibitor badge


All exhibitors need to be registered to gain entrance to the Congress Venue. Depending on the booth size, each exhibiting company is entitled to receive a given number of free exhibitor badges. A free exhibitor badge is provided for each 3 sqm booked space and is limited to a maximum of 10 free badges, as per table below.

Square Meter
Number of free badges
=6 2
≤9 3
≤12 4
≤15 5
≤18 6
≤21 7
≤24 8
≤27 9
≥30 10


Additional badges can be purchased at the fee of EUR 100 (+VAT).

Exhibitor badges registration fee includes:

  • Admission to the Exhibition Area
  • Admission to the industry hospitality suites and industry meeting rooms
  • Admission to all industry Satellite Symposia Sessions and Meet-the-Expert Sessions
  • Admission to the Networking Symposium (Thursday 25 May, 2017)
  • No admission to EADV scientific sessions

Satellite Badges (for Satellite Symposia & Meet-the-Expert Sessions)

All exhibitors purchasing a Satellite Symposia Session or Meet-the-Expert Session will receive Free Satellite badges as per table below:

Session Number of free Satellite badges
1 Satellite Symposia 6
1 Meet-the-Expert 3



The badges are strictly related to the Session and can be used only for the day of the Satellite Symposia Session or the Meet-the-Expert Session.

Each additional Satellite badges will cost EUR 100.

Satellite badge registration fee includes:

  • Admission to the Satellite Symposium or Meet-the-Expert for the company they work for and that is organising the Satellite Session or Meet the-Expert Session
  • No admission to the EADV scientific session
  • No admission to Exhibition Area
  • No admission to the Networking Symposium and Concluding Session

1-Day Ticket and additional Exhibitor Badges


EARLY RATE until 18/01/2017

LATE RATE until 08/03/2017

ON-SITE RATE until 17/05/2017

until 25/05/2017

1-Day ticket

EUR 300

EUR 300

EUR 300

EUR 300

Additional Exhibitor Badge

EUR 100 (+VAT)

EUR 100 (+VAT)

EUR 100 (+VAT)

EUR 100 (+VAT)

* Online pre-registrations are possible until 17 May 2017 included; exhibitors who wish to register after this date will have to proceed with the on-site registration. 

1-Day ticket

IMPORTANT: 1-day tickets can be requested only once during the Spring Symposium.

Contacts & Info

All requests regarding Exhibitor registrations should be sent to the Registration Department to andrea@eadv.org no later than 17 May 2017. After this date, special requests will not be accepted and new registrations will have to be processed only on-site.

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