Fees & Deadlines


EARLY RATE until 8/2/2017

LATE RATE until 8/3/2017

ON-SITE RATE until 17/5/2017

ON-SITE from 25/5/2017

EADV Members

EUR 300

EUR 450

EUR 500

EUR 500

EADV Resident Members

EUR 80

EUR 80

EUR 80

EUR 80

EADV Retired Members

EUR 110

EUR 160

EUR 200

EUR 200


EUR 900

EUR 1350

EUR 1500

EUR 1500

Residents (Non-members)/Students/ Nurses

EUR 150

EUR 250

EUR 350

EUR 350

1-Day ticket

EUR 300

EUR 300

EUR 300

EUR 300

* Online pre-registrations are possible until 17 May 2017 included; participants who wish to register after this date will have to proceed with the registration on-site.

Important: Children under the age of 18 are not authorized inside the Spring Symposium Venue.

Delegate Registration Fee includes:

  • Delegate badge
  • Admission to the EADV scientific sessions
  • Admission to the Exhibition Area, Satellite Symposia and Meet-the-Expert Sessions to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) only.
  • Possibility to collect ECMEC Credits on participation in EADV scientific sessions
  • Symposium Material
  • Admission to the Networking Symposium (25 May 2017)

Healthcare/Non-Healthcare Professional:

In order for the EADV to be compliant with the prevailing EU Directive (2001/83/EC, article 86), Belgian legislation and the Belgian Code of Deontology for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Pharma.be, December 2013), on the advertising and promotion of prescription only medicines, the EADV will restrict access in the exhibition area and applicable industry sessions.

As a multidisciplinary audience will be attending the 14th EADV Spring Symposium in Brussels, the EADV will assign different badges to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and NON-Healthcare Professionals (NON-HCP) to ensure compliance with the above regulations.

For the purposes of advertising of medicinal products, the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) defines Healthcare Professionals as:

Any person qualified to prescribe or deliver medicinal products, such as:

  • physicians
  • dentists
  • pharmacists
  • veterinarians

Advertising of prescription medicines is strictly prohibited to the general public and the general public is defined as those persons not qualified to prescribe or deliver medicines. Physiotherapists, nurses and pharmacy assistants are placed in the same category as the general public for the enforcement of the advertising regulation.

For these reasons, access to the industry Exhibition area will be restricted to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) as described above. In addition, Satellite Symposia and Meet-the-Expert sessions presenting data or research of prescription medicines will be limited exclusively to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) only. 

Industry Employees, Nurses, Students, Press, Pharmacy Assistants and Patient Organisation Representatives will not be allowed entry to the exhibition area, satellite symposia and meet-the-expert sessions, and will automatically be classified as NON-Healthcare Professionals.

Residents, Students and Nurses:

EADV Resident Member:
category offered to EADV Junior Resident Member and International Trainee only. Not applicable to Junior Specialist under 35.
No Proof of Status is required.

Resident (Non-EADV Member): person doing for the first time an internship or studies of postgraduate medical training (up to specialisation in dermato-venereology).
The age limit of the applicant is 40 years old.
Proof of Status and ID/Passport copy is required to finalise the registration.

Student: person following courses at the university in order to get a degree in Medicine in a medical field (person not authorised to prescribe or dispense prescription for medicines/drugs).
Proof of Status is required to finalise the registration.

Nurse: person employed in a hospital or clinic as a nurse.
Proof of Status is required to finalise the registration.

Proof of Status:

Kindly find here below the mandatory requirements that a valid Proof of Status needs to meet:

  1. It must be issued in English;
  2. It must be issued on official hospital or university letterhead;
  3. The date of issue has to be not older than 6 months starting from the registration date;
  4. It must display the applicant’s full name and date of birth;
  5. It must mention the beginning and the end of the residency (for residents only);
  6. It has to be signed by hand (no electronic signature) by the head of department (hospital or academic institution) confirming the status of the applicant;
  7. It has to include the following head of department’s details: full name, department, email address and telephone number;
  8. It must be accompanied by a copy of the ID card or passport of the applicant;

Please, also take into consideration the following:

  • The registration team will have to review it and approve it;
  • The review process might take more than 48 hours: please allow sufficient time for this procedure before the deadlines. Rejected Proof of Status will be notified by email.
  • Invalid Proof of Status cannot be accepted: the EADV decision will be final and the registration fee will be automatically updated to the Non-Member full fee;
  • Refunds are possible only within the relevant cancellation deadline;
  • Proof of Status sent after the registration deadline will be updated to the next registration rate even when the registration payment has been settled before the deadline.
  • Once the online pre-registrations period for the Symposium/Congress is closed, participants still wishing to register as residents/students/nurses will need to bring their Proof of Status on-site, in order to benefit from the reduced fee.

1-Day ticket:

The daily rate cannot be requested more than one time.

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