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Interact with peers on social media

As always, this Symposium has a dedicated hashtag for you to share learning, insights and fun meetings with peers. You can use this hashtag on Twitter and Instagram so everyone can find your posts easily. We would love to see your messages with #EADVbru!

During the Symposium, we are proudly sharing knowledge by the ears and eyes of our social media reporters. This is a team of dermatology students posting on their personal Twitter and Instagram accounts. How you can read their messages? Just follow #EADVbru!

Join in the fun on social media – and win prizes!

Who doesn’t want to take a selfie? Well, especially for all of you we have a brand new EADV photo wall to make the best pictures. Don’t forget to post them on our Facebook page and tag EADV.

If you need assistance, there will be someone to take your photo at the photo wall and post it to EADV’s Facebook page for you.

Do you have something important to share? A hostess will walk around in search of the latest insights with this message board and chalk boards. If you post a photo of you and your message to Twitter or Instagram you can win EADV branded prizes every day. So now you can already start thinking about your dermatology message!

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Follow EADV on social media

You are invited to follow EADV on the social media for updates and news, to share experiences and practices, or to simply ask for opinions.

Join us on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram, and actively connect and interact with other professionals in the field.

If you need help with social media interaction, please stop by the Social Media booth at the 14th Spring Symposium.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EADVbru to share your experience at the EADV Spring Symposium!

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